Our Mission

Through soul-empowerment we will anchor this love consciousness into the collective and assist all in discovering their individual power to positively shift the Earth's timeline.

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.
— Paulo Coelho, Author of the Alchemist

As our soul takes this journey on Earth and we continue to raise our frequency through expanded consciousness, we find we meet our 'frequency family' in the most opportune times. Waves of Light is more than just a conference - it's the opening of the heart for these important encounters to take place.

Your Waves of light experience!

  • Empowering talks that will shift and expand your consciousness and light.

  • Workshops to attune and awaken your own cosmic gifts.

  • Meeting and expanding your Frequency Family.

  • Support and healing through your awakening or continued journey of Self.

  • Fun events that break the mold of what spirituality is "supposed to be".

  • Casual, fun, and interactive moments with Speakers.

  • Sacred Mother Drumming Meditation on the beach (weather permitting).

  • And so much more...

Sun & Sea

This conference will be surrounded by water at all times, increasing the negative ion effect on our body, mind and soul. You will also have an opportunity to explore The beautiful Crystal Siesta Key Beach that was rated #1 in America. Join us at the Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota, Florida - whether you want to visit the town and its vibrant culture or rest on the beach. This time will be all yours to explore as you wish.

sarasota beach lindo beach resort.jpg