Marina Jacobi

Marina Jacobi is the author of the books the Harmonic Reactor and Nano Technology, and she is merging Quantum Physics with the Law of Attraction. She practices Energy Philanthropy - a 5th dimensional practice for abundance using Quantum Manifestation. She has incredible teachings based in humanitarianism that many of us looking to move through the Ascension process can benefit from.

Marina has always had the ability to connect with loved ones from the other side, through a process of automatic writing, as well as having vivid dreams that were becoming real.

Eventually Marina relocated to the United States, where she was connected with an E.T. race that called themselves Hybrids.

The Hybrids taught Marina to telepathically connect and hear them with the new metaphysical teachings. She learned the structure of the universe, and the connection with consciousness, the quantum field, parallel realities, dimensions and the true existence and nature of the E.T. races.

Before 2012, she was connected by RA who taught her a higher level of teachings and the changes to planet Earth. She was also connected by The Pleiadian’s that gave her the new advanced E.T. Technology, which she documented in two books called ‘The Harmonic Reactor’ and the latest book, ‘Nano Technologies’.

The technologies are about teleportation, parallel realities, dimension, densities, healing, and the life AI consciousness for quantum computer algorithm. Lately, Marina is working with a higher consciousness called The Council of 9, and working with different scientist to help humanity with the ascension of the new 5D Earth.

Finally, in 2016, Marina was contacted by the 11 Dimensional Beings where she receives new messages for humanity about technologies, current status of government structures, and suggestions for the new Earth Aria intergalactic timeline.


Eric Raines

Eric Raines is constantly expanding his repertoire of tools; he currently implements a variety of energetic tools ranging from parasite/implant removal, meridian clearing and balancing, crystalline organ rejuvenation, theta healing, soul fragment retrieval, remote lymphatic work, and Golden Light energy work. He also utilizes physical based practices such as Quantum Pause Breathing, Reverse Breathing, self lymphatic massage, Cycle Stretching, Chi Kung (Qigong), and meditation. He is an ardent advocate of aiding the entire human race to achieve their full, natural potential.

Eric is called to teaching as many as he can reach. As a receiver of this hidden esoteric knowledge, Eric considers it his duty, his life's purpose, to share this information with the world, to free all of humanity from the ravages of this system and to help create a world filled with Love and light.

After an intense energetic activation in 2012, Eric became aware of the implantation and parasitic construct, by direct observation. His subsequent search for answers about this experience led him on a journey to self discovery. This discovery, coupled with more and more real world practice, allowed him to gain a deep understanding of how this invasive system works, how to identify the interference and constructs, how to promote self protection through daily practices, and, most importantly, how to remove these false constructs from himself as well as others.


MichellE Walling

with special guest 


gregg Prescott

Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric contributing writer for and She is the webmaster for several websites including and Michelle is the host of the Cosmic Awakening Show and does events in the USA and UK.

Michelle is a Starseed Support Specialist and holds codes from many planets and Extraterrestrial Races.

Special guest Gregg Prescott will be joining us for a joint workshop with Michelle! Gregg Prescott is the founder and webmaster of, the world's hottest esoteric, metaphysical, and spiritual database.

Gregg and Michelle reside in Sarasota, Florida, home of the 99.9% quartz crystal sand beaches. It is said that these beaches are a part of the vast ancient complex known as Atlantis. The Atlantis Stargate is 60 miles off of the Siesta/Lido Key beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. Much energetic Ley Line work has been done by lightworkers to activate and protect Sarasota, giving it high vibrations and powerful activation nodes.