Nicole Frolick

Nicole Frolick is an international expert on Flexibility, an inspirational speaker, life coach, co-host of the Enlighten Up podcast, and the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. Her devotion to her work is anchored in illuminating the true power within you by navigating the inflexible limits that hold you back from your true expansive self.

Her spiritual practice has been a major part of her life since she was 17, but only fully stepped out of the spiritual closet in 2016, embracing her deepest passion: spirituality. Embracing her authentic Self has lead Nicole to live a life filled with more joy than she ever anticipated. She teaches you how to break down your limiting beliefs so that the beliefs that support you to be your greatest version of Self can come forth. It's a journey that once you start, you will never be the same. Awareness is the greatest alchemy there is.


Michael BLack

Michael J. Black has earned the reputation as an innovative leader in a multitude of different industries. Throughout his multifaceted career and over 25 years he has obtained over thirty designations, including: Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnotherapist, Energy Healing, Sourcing, Hawaiian Healing, Working With Angels, Advanced Coaching and Reiki Master.

In his 20s, after college, Michael started working as a Financial Analyst and soon became the youngest Assistant Vice President of a Fortune 50 company.  From there, he became National Sales Manager of numerous prominent companies.  He then became a successful Stock Trader. This ultimately drove him to launch several companies of his own and ended up generating millions of dollars in revenue.

In his early 30s, he had several character building experiences, that put him on the road to discovering meaning, spiritual meaning and a search for knowledge in many areas of life.  He learned how to help himself and others get powerful, real and permanent change, quickly and with ease.

As a 3rd generation psychic, dedicated entrepreneur, and seasoned life coach, Michael combines his diverse skill set to help people pave the path to lasting success. Ultimately, he is on a mission to empower people to harness their limitless potential and dismantle all the road blocks that stand in the way of their fulfilling life.


Monica Benware

Monica Benware is an ordained metaphysical minister, Co-Founder of the Metaphysical Attunement Center, author of Self Awareness and & ESP Development coursebook, an instructor, psychic counselor and Shamanic healer. Also she was a co-host of BGOD (Be Goodness Over Doubt) Blogtalk radio show & treasurer of the Lamplight Group and shares her voice as a professional lead vocalist for many years, most recently with Spiritual Alignment Band. 

Since her NDE (Near Death Experience)  in 1983, she has been passionate about connecting others to loved ones on the other side, teaching classes in EVP phenomenon, and numerous other courses, facilitating awareness of the power each of us has within and that our multi-dimensional life is eternal. 

Currently she is an active speaker, private psychic counselor,  officiate of wedding and memorial services, instructor of multiple classes, including Manifestation Boards, Self Awareness and ESP Development, EVP phenomenon, Egyptian Magic, Astral Projection, and Meditation, to name a few. She is also a High Priestess in the Pagan community, officiating both public and private rituals, Sabbots and Full Moon rites.

She is now in the completion phase of her soon to be released book, 'The Process of Remembering'.

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Jessica Sanchez, MD

Dr. Jessica Sánchez, a non licensed MD, is an international Spiritual Healer and Intuitive who took an unconventional path in her career. Having studied medicine abroad, she gained a new understanding for the correlation of western medicine with complimentary and alternative health care. Caring for people through different spiritual healing modalities, she humbly embraces these beautiful gifts of healing from The Divine allowing them to work through her as she is the instrument.

Jessica provides Energy Therapy and Spiritual Intuitive sessions in person and long distance. Tailoring to individual needs, she guides each client working with them to empower self healing of body, mind, and spirit. Through her motivational talks, Jessica shares her knowledge and expertise on the Power of Allowance to reveal the potential of our True Self.